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Mission Statement

Concordia Lutheran School provides families with a Christ-centered, academically challenging education to equip students for lifelong Christian discipleship and serves as a witness of Christ to our community and world.

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Tuition and Fees Schedule

2020-2021 School Year

Lunch:  $3.25 lunch, additional items per pricing 



  • 1st child:  $6,700.00
  • 2nd child:  $5,427.00
  • 3rd child:  $4,556.00

Association Church Members-Tuition costs available from sponsoring congregation

Fees (All Students):

  • Registration: On or before March 1st - $325 per student; after March 1st - $400 per student
  • Technology: $200 per student (May be applied to ACH payments)
  •  Additional Fees may be added to family account as they are incurred.

Extracurricular Activities Available with Fees:

  • Band: $400
  • Strings: $400
  • Soccer: $60 + Uniform
  • Book Rental Fee $15.00
  • Basketball: $75
  • Cheerleading: $60
  • Volleyball: $60
  • Chorus: $60
  • Lego League: $60
  • Scholastic Bowl: $60
  • Track: $60
  • Golf: $60

Partial Tuition and Fees (Based on an 8 period academic day):


  • 1st child:  $838.00 per period
  • 2nd child:  $679.00 per period
  • 3rd child:  $570.00 per period


Paid by all Partial Tuition Students:

  • Registration: On or before March 1st=$40 per period; after March 1st=$50 per period

Additional Fees:

  • Technology:  $25 per student per class (May be applied to ACH payments)
    • Core Curriculum Courses (those classes receiving double weighting for GPA per CLS Handbook) and Foreign Language classes require a technology fee.
  • Lesson Fee required for Band and Strings (see above - Extracurricular Activities)
  • Additional Fees may be added to family account as they are incurred.


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