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Shaun Livingston Legacy Scholarship

Mission Statement

Concordia Lutheran School provides a Christ-centered, academically challenging education to equip students for lifelong discipleship.

Concordia Lutheran School provides a Christ-centered, academically challenging education to
equip students for lifelong discipleship. The Livingston Legacy Scholarship will provide
financial support to a selected student for an on-going Christian education at Concordia Lutheran
School through the eighth grade.

The Livingston Legacy Scholarship is granted to financially support a minority student who would
otherwise be precluded from attending Concordia Lutheran School due to cost. Once granted, the
scholarship support would continue annually through and including the student’s eighth grade
year. The Livingston Legacy Scholarship will provide to Concordia Lutheran School 80% of the
annual tuition and fees, including co-curricular fees, for the selected student, and will continue
to provide such support on the condition the student is enrolled in Concordia Lutheran School and
the expectations listed below are met or exceeded.

The applicant must be a minority student entering second through fourth grade for the 2019-
2020 academic school year.

For continued financial support, the successful applicant and family should meet or exceed the
following expectations:

 Maintain a 2.5 GPA (out of 4.0) for the years letter grades are administered
 Maintain a clean discipline record

Family/legal guardians:
 Desire a Christian education for the student
 Ensure balance of annual tuition and fees (20%) are paid to the school as scheduled –
approximately $150 monthly for twelve months *
 Ensure the student adheres to school policies and guidelines
 Provide transportation for the student to and from school
 Provide lunch for the student **
 Volunteer a minimum of 8 hours each semester at or on behalf of school
* Additional scholarship funds may be available to offset some or all of these costs
** Free or reduced price lunches are available per the yearly Federal guidelines

Complete and sign the enclosed application form and attach the following:
 Copy of most recent school transcript
 Letter of reference (including name, address, and telephone number) from a teacher,
principal, pastor, or other adult leader not related to the family
 Copy of parent’s/guardian’s most recent Federal 1040 Form and or Medicaid card
 In-person interview of student and parents/guardians may be requested by the school
 Incomplete applications and/or applications hand-delivered or postmarked after Monday,
April 29, 2019 will not be considered

Completed application and attachments must be hand-delivered or
mailed/postmarked by Monday, April 29, 2019 to:
Concordia Lutheran School
The Livingston Legacy Scholarship
2000 W. Glen Avenue
Peoria, Il 61614

Questions may be directed to:
Laura June – (309) 696-3621

Livingston Legacy Scholarship Application and Checklist.pdf


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