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Mission Statement

Concordia Lutheran School provides families with a Christ-centered, academically challenging education to equip students for lifelong Christian discipleship and serves as a witness of Christ to our community and world.

The orchestra program at CLS is available to all students in Kindergarten through grade 8.  Students are taught in small group lessons and rehearsals based on grade in school.  CLS owns several of the larger string instruments such as viola, cello, and bass for those students who would like to help diversify the orchestra’s instrumentation.  Mrs. Addi Evans is the orchestra director for all grades at CLS.  

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”                

- Martin Luther

Beginner Orchestra

The Beginner Orchestra is for all string students in Kindergarten through grade 3. In this orchestra, I teach students the basics of playing either violin, viola or cello. We work on posture and bow hold, basic note reading, and playing simple songs both in an orchestra setting and solo setting.  Each year we have two orchestra concerts, two solo recitals, as well as some optional performance opportunities playing out in the community.

Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra is for all string students in grades 4-8 and is designed to continue developing individual technique through ensemble and solo performances. In Chamber Orchestra, we focus on more advanced techniques and repertoire. Performance opportunities include two orchestra concerts, two solo recitals, Chapel, Concordia Sundays (at association churches), Arts in Education, IGSMA District & State Organizational Contests, as well as IGSMA Solo and Ensemble contest. 

Addi Evans


Music is an important part of all our lives, and I want my students to understand what a gift it is to be able to make music themselves. I make sure to teach all of my beginner students the basics of playing the instrument of their choice, and we focus a lot on good instrument posture and bow holds, but I also introduce basic note reading right from the start so that the students don't fall behind in their sight reading skills down the road. I like to make my classroom a safe space to explore musical creativity, and teach my students to use music as an emotional and creative outlet.


I started playing Violin when I was 7 and knew right away that playing music was going to be a lifelong love of mine. As I progressed in my musical studies I started trying the other instruments in the orchestral family and really enjoyed learning each of the instruments. Because I had started playing earlier than most of my peers in orchestra class my conductor would recruit me to help teach and tutor my fellow classmates and I think that is when I fell in love with teaching. I love watching students realize their own potential as they start to learn new things, and I especially love equipping them with the musical skills to be a blessing to themselves and to those around them.

I have been married for 11 years and have 2 wonderful boys so much of my time revolves around my family. We live in Farmington and raise chickens and ducks. My husband and I enjoy writing and playing music together as a duo, and are also both members of a local cover band. In addition to all things musical, I also enjoy crafting, art, and party planning. 

Addi Evans



Orchestra for Grades K-8



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