Tuition and Fees: Concordia Lutheran School Christ-centered

Tuition and Fees

  • 1st child: $7,995.00
  • 2nd child: $6,475.95
  • 3rd child: $5,436.60

    Registration: $375 per student

    See the tuition assistance section below for scholarship opportunities.

Interested in enrolling in just one or two classes?
Partial Tuition and Fees (Based on an 7 period academic day)

Tuition: $1,142.15 per period
Registration: $375 per student

Scholarship Opportunities

Congregational Support

Concordia Scholarships

  • Concordia Scholarships (School Managed Scholarships): all students are eligible.
  • Marvin Brandt Scholarship (CLS Foundation): students that are not members of one of the association churches. are eligible

Invest in Kids Scholarships

  • Funded through the Illinois Invest In Kids Scholarship Tax Credit Program
  • Eligible students are members of a household whose federal adjusted gross income does not exceed 300% of the federal poverty level

Livingston Legacy Scholarship

  • Shaun Livingston and his wife, Joanna, provide a scholarship to help financially support a minority student who would otherwise be precluded from attending Concordia Lutheran School due to cost.
  • One student is selected annually by a committee using criteria specified by Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Livingston

Direct Sponsorship

  • .From time to time a student is supported by a private donation that is directed by the donor for a specific student